Feb 25

Ok, fad dieting is not me

Right, fine day to start a blog.

I have a mad crazy hungry stomach and a clear case of writers block.

I should be writing about my companies products security mechanisms but cannot think beyond the empty plate staring at me so decided it was time to get this blog up and running.

I did try this ages ago, on my personal web site (www.outies.co.za) but using a default web site as a blog just didn’t seem to be simple enough for me to use it with any real frequency.

Here goes WordPress…

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  1. cl@rks

    i think it’s madness to do ANYTHING on an empty stomach. kudos for having the consideration of cutting short the inevitable endless blubbering on that would have ensued had you not followed your gut (in both senses of the word), listened to the empty plate and sought to feed the machine.

    i’m going to go and precautionarily feed myself now – before my run-on construction (totally not paradoxical at all) sentences give me away as being hungry myself.

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