Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 29

Free service available forever?

Been a while since I wrote anything and tonight I was exposed to answering a question on a newly formed user forum for a free DNS service I have been using for years. The question was: “So what happens to Free accounts that were at EveryDNS, will they be shut down after Dec 2010?” My …

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Mar 24


Ok, after a long hiatus of now writing anything on my blog due to not being in a great frame of mind and seeking consolation through my amazing family, I have decided it is time to write again. Also I am on a train. Co-incidence? mebbe… Either way, here I am and I am writing. …

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Mar 16

Guinness and chips.

On the train again. Got myself a couple of Guinness draughts and some chips. Sounds like a good dinner arrangement. I expect that I will be a blithering idiot before too long, telling disinterested strangers about the wrong the world has done to my little boy, but hey, I have the worlds most awesome wife… …

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