Mar 09

22:24… should I be working?

Ok, have had a fantastic evening with good people.

Sarah and Johan from the office started it off with a drink at the Hawley after apowerful meeting with Story Worldwide.
Faye came to join us and we had a drink or two before Johan and Sarah left us and we went off for dinner.

YAY steak burgers yummy…
Ate a minced steak burgr with blue cheese/stilton and some awesome chilli sauce, all good.

Have now made my way back to the hotel thinking “should I have had so much fun or should I have come back to the hotel hours ago? Sober and ready to create this presentation?”

The answer is simple.

Of course I should have gone out and enjoy some time with my friends.

The presentation I have to work on now is relatively simple, most of it can already be found in previous presentations and I truly know the subject well.
So all I need to do is quickly tie the relevant slides together and drink plenty of water 🙂

The joys of making sure you don’t smell like a brewery while sounding like a true professional.

Come on, lets face it, even the customers and potential customers you meet are human. They eat, drink and fart just like you.
Customers are not the golden gods that you need to worship though you do need to make sure that you are not wasting their time or treating them like frivolous playthings.

Tomorrow will be a breeze, the customers that are coming will be entertained and awed by the stack of presentations coming their way.
My being sober tonight will not have had ANY effect on that outcome tomorrow.

Hell, I am sure that if I knew some of the guys coming tomorrow they would have been happy to come for a drink or two in Camden with us as we discussed the joys of parenting, the bliss that is married life and the pain that is English football in the lead up to the World Cup.



  1. Johan A Kruger

    LOL… yea totally agree… however… Some of us have to start their presentations from scratch… and rethinking the whole thing from a customer centric rather than a business centric viewpoint…

    sigh.. do I sell from the word go? or depart knowledge and then suggest the product as a good way forward…

  2. barrulus

    I think you should always go for the “impart knowledge” approach.
    If you show people a way to achieve something, then show them an easier more effective way to achieve the same thing with more scope, they will be much happier.

    But without setting the playing field you are simply setting up for people to watch what you say but ignore it.
    No one wants to watch a feature set get explained. They want to see it in use with practical application that means something in their daily lives.

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