Mar 07

Alice in Wonderland?

“The true test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in your mind”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ok, Emma and I went to go watch this movie last night and I loved it.

I have always been a BIG Tim Burton fan and this movie was brilliant.

I have to say however that while being brilliant and while I totally enjoyed seeing the new wonderland through Tim Burton’s eyes, I was truly disappointed with the movie’s story, the plot, the character definition…

So I started this post off with a quote from F. Scott Fizgerald because I am seeing the opportunity here to consider that. I thought the movie was brilliant – thumbs up.
I thought the movie was a complete disappointment – thumbs down.

Two completely opposing ideas that both work for me.

Does this mean I am intelligent and have a first rate mind?

While there is nothing in the way I carry myself or talk about myself that would ever deny this 😉 I think it is interesting to note this movie as a catalyst for my own understanding of what F. Scott was talking about.

This movie is great. It just seems to be much more of a CS Lewis adventure in Narnia rather than the frivolous nonsense style that endeared Alice to so many of us for all these years….

Anyways, thats my two cents worth…