Mar 11

Feline Infectious Peritonitis – and why it is killing me

Oscar Gill, a wonderful large self assured grey self has been with me for 8 years.

In that time I have loved him, doted over him and indeed seen him as my very own offspring.

Yes he is big, but he is also the biggest softie I know, allowing all the other cats to get on with their childish games while he relentlessly pursued the finer things in life – anything out of the fridge.

So the quarantine kennels called me on Sunday telling me they were worried, he has lost half a kilogram in the past two weeks and they think there is something wrong with him.

The vet went to see him on Monday and took blood work.

The blood work shows high levels of protein in his blood.

Now this could be symptomatic of many things, mostly liver and renal failure, but one of the things it is also a sign of is FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

Yesterday they were allowed to take him out of quarantine and get him into the surgery where they could run radio and sonographs of his abdominal cavity to look for enlargement of things like the liver, kidneys etc.

That would have shown that the jaundice and the protein in the blood could be due to liver failure.

Alas the results came back today and he has very normal looking bits.

So the vet’s cautiously pessimistic view is that he has indeed contracted FIP. A 10% to 20% chance of survival.

(at this point I am in tears, my baby is going to die… find the hope Barry find the hope)

So I have now been researching everything I can on the web about FIP and the outlook remains negative.

The biggest single positive is the fact that so many vets misdiagnose FIP and often the remedies that they use to combat the FIP does in fact cure the real problem.

A very good (albeit far too factual and cold for me in my current state) article on FIP can be found here http://www.dr-addie.com/treatment.htm

Hold thumbs everyone, this is not going to be fun.


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  1. Julia

    Im sorry Bazza – I hope that its a misdiagnoses and that puddytat comes right.

  2. tim

    sorry about that mate!

  3. Paul

    Dude… hectic! Sorry to hear.
    We lost Pippin and Calio to FIP.

  4. Christie Gill

    🙁 I can understand why you in tears. Will hold thumbs!

  5. Danny and Jay

    Hey Barry we are thinking about you and your baby…crossing fingers here from the “golden” country :o)

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