Mar 12

Firefox 3.6 crashing

As I am ultimatelya  geek and certainly one who would prefer to be working on a Linux desktop, I have always been a staunch supporter of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Sadly, the latest version, 3.6, seems to be crashing on me all the time.

I am only writing this post because in the 8 years or so I have been almost exclusively a Firefox user, I have never had problems like this.

Nowadays though, it seems I cannot go a full day without Firefox falling over.

Sadly Internet Explorer still does not work for me, I am far to jaded by my perceptions of how a browser should work (ala Firefox) to allow the Microsoft view on things to swing me back to IE.

Is it time for Chrome? Or even the recently ported Safari?

Early explorations with Chrome left me thinking that I would continue to back Firefox as it just didn’t seem to work well and Safari was sucha  ball ache ad resource hog that I was less than impressed.

Time to listen to the Opera?