Mar 29

Free service available forever?

Been a while since I wrote anything and tonight I was exposed to answering a question on a newly formed user forum for a free DNS service I have been using for years.

The question was: “So what happens to Free accounts that were at EveryDNS, will they be shut down after Dec 2010?

My Answer?
“looks to me like they will be given the choice to move to a paid service UNLESS you were already a registered donor.

So if you gave money to EveryDNS BEFORE DynDNS purchased them, then you have service for life. If not, then you have to pay for it or move to another free provider.

I am in the latter boat myself, but hey, I have already decided to pay the tiller man because I have gained healthily from having EveryDNS in my life for a long while, nothing is truly for nothing so time I chipped in 🙂

If they had had more doners they may never have sold…”

That kinda got me thinking, I mean seriously, I have only 8 domains that I manage out of EveryDNS, and every single one of them is a personal vanity domain in use for some of my friends and I.

Even though this is the case, it is still using resource SOMEWHERE to provide this service to us and that resource costs money.

So I am starting to think that I can no longer with good moral conscious hide behind the fact that I am using these services for no personal gain and that I should start paying my way.

Add to that I work for a cloud service provider and lets face it, DNS is a service that has been delivered as a cloud service since the beginning of the Internet…

sheesh – so this is what growing up is all about huh?


  1. Andre

    Of course, bearing in mind you get what you pay for. So how long do you suppose it’ll be before the Gmail free service begins to charge?

    P.S. I believe one pays the ferry man and gives the tiller man tea..

  2. Craig

    Run a couple of my own BIND DNS servers. also have a MyDNS running off a MySql backend really nice for programtically updating records DNSBL’s ect. However I have been using the free cloud flare offering https://www.cloudflare.com/ nice concept worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

  3. Barrulus

    I have begun the arduous task of moving my stuff away from DynDNS (not enough flexibility and control) and into ClouDNS Premium. Doesn’t cost me much, can’t really remember now, but less than £50 for a two year contract.

    This gives me unlimited domains and a massive amount of control with my NS servers spread over multiple continents.

    I PARTICULARLY like that I can create sub-domains. Real subdomains, not fucking “hostnames” that everyone seems to think are subdomains.

    If I wanted http://www.barrulus.com to be a subdomain, I would set up an NS entry for it and host a zone file full of its own settings.

    First of the MANY DNS services I have used that actually seemed to understand DNS.

    One day I will indeed run my own BIND servers as primary, or not. I have almost always been able to do what I want from the free services and always been able to do what I need from the paid ones.

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