Mar 16

Guinness and chips.

On the train again.
Got myself a couple of Guinness draughts and some chips. Sounds like a good dinner arrangement.

I expect that I will be a blithering idiot before too long, telling disinterested strangers about the wrong the world has done to my little boy, but hey, I have the worlds most awesome wife…

Emma gave me an iPod for Christmas and it effectively cuts me off from the people around me, they thank her at a social awareness level…

Typing on my BlackBerry is never easy.
Especially trying to manage a beer (and some chocolate because fuck it, if it works for women I will give it a bash) with one hand and this little device with another..


Also have to plug everything in in a moment, always running low on power. Story of my life.
Seems the only time I am ever fully charged is when I am at home with Emm…

Or obliterated.

In which case does it count?

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  1. Wife

    you always count. whether with me, obliterated or just being exactly who you are. x

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