Mar 16

Humane? I don't think so

I received a call from the veterinarian a short while ago.

It was THE call.

The call I have been dreading for the past week.
The call where they tell me there is no visible improvement in my poor little baby’s condition.
The call where they tell me it is going to be more humane to euthanize Oscar than keep him alive.



I have never ever treated my children humanely.

The very word makes my spine shiver.

I treat my cats with love, with respect and with the care a doting father places on his most prized most cherished friends and children.

I feed them good food, I look after their best interests, I make sure they are ok in every aspect of the word.

I DO NOT treat them with contempt.
I do not treat them as objects, as furniture as pets. Pah!

Fuck humane.

If I were to treat them humanely I would work them to death, I would beat them, I would not care about them at all.
I would starve them, I would maim them, I would imprison them.

Nope. I will never treat my children humanely. I will always treat them as if they were my very own flesh and bloody.

DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural affairs) insists I treat my pet humanely.

In fact, they go so far as to say:

Death in quarantine

In the unfortunate event of your pet dying while in quarantine, Animal Health (formerly State Veterinary Service) has a legal responsibility to have the head sent to an approved laboratory to ensure the cause of death was not rabies. If the laboratory confirms that the cause of death was not rabies, the Veterinary Superintendent may release to you ashes of the body. The laboratory result may take up to several weeks to obtain

So not only do they insist that they will keep my babies for 6 months in order to make sure they don’t have rabies (which incidentally has an incubation period of 6 to 8 weeks – though I do see some conflicts on this stating up to three months with rare reported cases of many years), but they also insist on mutilating my childs body, removing his head and shipping it to a lab somewhere for someone to run more tests on.

Take a blood sample. Rabies only goes to the brain once it is out of the incubation period.

In rare circumstances they will allow you to get the ashes of your pets body. Incomplete. Unexplainable. Unacceptable.

Fuck it.

/me is gutted. destroyed.