Mar 09

Is blogging easy?

So my friend Paula wants to start up a blog again. She is not new to blogging but is trying to figure out what to do.

Comments come in from all over the show about different types of blog services and the good and bad they offer though in reality, the cornerstone of a good blog is good content.
(Yes, I am still trying to build that particular one myself 🙂 )

People don’t search for blog entriers, they don’t search for bloggers.
They search for content. Something that they want to know, find out, are looking for similar opinions on.

If your blog has anything that catches their eye when they run through the search engine of their choice – THEN you have an opportunity to expose your content to them.

So this would obviously create a very slow growth in terms of the number of people regularly viewing your blog.
To speed this up, we post references to our blogs in other social media. Facebook. Twitter. MySpace etc.
We tell our friends, our colleagues, our family.
Hell, we *should* even be considering search engine optimisation tricks when writing our content.

So it really all depends on what you want your blog to be.

Are you an oracle? A font of useful knowledge, or are you simply someone who is sharing some of lifes quirky experiences and views?