Mar 13

My little Oscar

So Emma is driving us back home now from visiting my babies.
SheeshN talk about an emotional sledgehammer.
So Oscar’s abdominal fluid tests came backand the results are not good. The vets original fear that his coronavirus infection has turned pathogenic and turned into FIP are basically confirmed.

Add to that Oscar is now not urinating, showing either kidney failure or a rupture of his bladder. Both are terrible. The vet took him again today to examine his bladder and see if he can perform a surgery to repair his bladder if he finds that the bladder has indeed ruptured. If it has not… There is nothing I can do πŸ™

I feel so helpless. Useless. Guilty πŸ™

The positive side is he has gained some weight from the feeding tube so if his body manages to reverse the effects of the pathogens and turn them back into non pathogenic coronavirus there is a chance he will survive. Only 10% but still a chance.

The poor baby, he is miserable, skinny, being prodded and poked and is not happy by any accounts.

While he sat on my lap and – bawled my eyes out he eventually got purring and meowling his disapproval about his situation. He is such a strong boy.

/me weeps