Mar 15

The same old song….

On the train listening to Pain’s ‘Same old song’ and I realised how ridiculous it is that my iPod sports 160GB of interesting, exciting and diverse music yet I am always spending hours scrolling to find a small list of songs that I want to hear again and again.

I mean really, I avoided creating playlists to make sure I expose myself to “shuffle”, to explore my music, but all I end up doing is finding those same old songs…

Am I bored of them?


Am I sick of listening to them?


So why does it bother me so much?

Simple, there is SOOOOO much good music out there, if I never do anything about listening to more of it I will stagnate and miss out on stuff that truly rocks my world.

Being a dad has me staying in more often than not.

Living in a rural part of the world means my opportunities to go out to nightclubs that play the latest and best music in the various genres I like is slim.

I am gonna have to travel around the world to find out what’s new and exciting.

Not entirely a bad prospect I have to admit!

Until then I will just carry on listening to Pain…