Mar 10

Train trips

Once again I am doing the long haul trip from London to Swansea.

This trip is a weekly event for me, taking me from the hustle and bustle that is London back to the peace and tranquillity of home.

Ok, maybe the tranquillity of home has nothing at all to do with the idyllic surroundings, the beautiful forests, the picturesque beaches or even the lovely old castles all around, maybe it is all about the fact that I have the love of a truly amazing woman to keep me warm, focussed and happy.

Anyway, every week I go to London to work and then travel back home after a few days.

This journey is a refreshing trip for me, it allows me to work, it allows me to read, it allows me to clear my mind of all of the complexities of high density living and working.

By the time I get home after almost four hours of travel I am rested, focussed and DESPERATE to throw my arms around my wife and son.

This forced regular time apart is a difficult thing to come to grips with, but I have a nagging suspicion that the alone time I get every week on the train gives me all the time I need to get my own thoughts back in order.

I do certainly feel like for the first time in my life I truly know who I am and really know what I want to be doing.

Having said that, I would far prefer to never have to leave my family and become a professional recluse, living on the Gower doing something completely hippified.

Emma would love that J

Just got to find a way to do that while servicing my technojunkie’s needs (and obvious budget requirements).

In just a few short hours I will be home, dinner will be on and all of the worries of a touch schedule in London will be completely forgotten.

Roll on purple train, take me home…