Apr 23

heavy music and relaxation

Well I am back on the train again, had a very hectic week full of work for my new role within my company as well as full of testing of some new applications we have written.

Add to that the sales conference in the middle of it all and you will understand why I have had no time at all to do anything for myself this week.

Oh well.

I am finally on my way home to get all snuggly with Emma and boy oh boy am I looking forward to that.

The time apart from her is just not so much fun at all.

Anyways, after a stressful week, over running meetings, missing my train and finding last minute issues to deal with, I figured it was time to put together a stress relief playlist..

Cue iPod Genius….

Starting song?

Motherzone by the Deathstars.

Ok, Genius totally got that I was stressed, wanting to type at 100 words a minute and basically ignore the people around me in their little cubicles of ignoring me…

So Deathstars feeds into “Monsters” by Gothminister. Jeez does my iPod know me or what J

Followed by Cradle of Filth’s “Cemetery and Sundown”. A sweet and gentle (waahahahahahaha) tune which is totally geared to making sure that the stress leaves me in leaps and bounds J

Next up is a sweet little hit by Pain… “Zombie Slam”. We all love zombies, but damn this is a great song.

Then “Make a star” by Dope Stars Inc.

Ok, lemme just list the tunes and you will see exactly why I am feeling totally non-stressed and euphoric at this stage… ahhhh music really does shape my moods.

1. Deathstars: Motherzone

2. Gothminister: Monsters

3. Cradle of Filth: Cemetery and Sundown

4. Dope Stars Inc: Make a Star

5. Murderdolls: She was a teenage zombie

6. Dimmu Borgir: The sinister awakening

7. Cradle of Filth: Swansong for a raven

8. Samael: Slavocracy

9. Deadstar Assembly: Killing myself again

10. Satyricon: K.I.N.G.

11. Kovenant: Mirrors Paradise

12. Deathstars: New dead Nation

13. Gothminister: Angel

14. Cradle fo Filth: Libertina Grimm

15. Pain: Bye/Die

16. Dimmu Borgir: Blood hunger doctrine

17. Cradle of Filth: Suicide and other comforts

18. Murderdolls: Kill miss America

19. Deadstar Assembly: Send me an angel

20. Dope Star Inc: I’m overdriven

Ok so that had me tapping my toes and enjoying myself, but it was time for a change.

So I started a new genius list from I’m overdriven and holy cow if I didn’t end up with yet another corker….

This time the list included CombiChrist, Zeromancer, God Module, VNV Nation and many more, but still with the right number of Gothministers, Cradle of Filth’s and Satyricon’s.

Dammit, I listen to all of this and still wonder why it is that I still think Slayer is a boring waste of time.

Surely I fit the profile for someone who listens to classic metal, rock and outright weird shit to a point where I should in fact be a Slayer fan?

Dr D told me once that there is no such thing as Metal without Slayer.

That being said, there is no such thing as Slayer in my metal.

Go figure.

Or don’t.

All you have to know is that some fo the fastest and loudest and saddest music all compiled into one has the absolute power to liven me up and make me a happy camper with no stress at all… ain’t life grand J

Happy home here I come