May 18

Bicycles and good times

Over the past few weeks I have been rather slack with my blog entries. This is in part because I have believed myself to be too busy, I have not made the time and partly because I have become an uber proud dad!

Last year I thought "Griffin is old enough to ride a bicycle without stabilisers and I will teach him how…"
That was an epic fail.
I took Griffin for a ride down a quiet street in Llanrhidian and found that all I could really teach him was that he could go really fast and then WIPE OUT!
After that experience I elected to quit trying to teach him how to ride figuring he would be "more ready" at some point.

Last weekend was that point.

My neighbour’s boy, Pietro, who happens to be Griff’s best friend when they aren’t fighting had learned the week before to pedal away without stabailisers, this in turn seems to have given Griff the confidence he needed to give it a bash.
Ok, not confidence really, just a bike without fairy wheels for him to have a bash on.
And boy did he get it right!

*gushy uber proud dad moment*

Alright, it sucks that I wasn’t there at the time and that I wasn’t the one who taught him how to do it, but seriously, he just got on with it.


Now all he wants to do is ride his bike and bit by bit his confidence is growing.

He is already pushing off and pedalling straight away as opposed to last week’s pushing the bike to ill it was going fast enough for him to look at his feet and get them onto the pedals.

Next step?

Motorcycle YEAH!

Emma and I have decided that for his birthday in November we are gonna get him an Italjet type of mini kids motorcycle.

Single gear, safety chain etc with serious limiting so that he cannot go too fast just yet.

I mean think of it, all the rolling fields around here, the isolation…. This place is BUILT for motor sports and it would be remiss of us not to take advantage of that J

Now the only question is how do we as parents leverage off of the fact that we are buying him one of these?

How do we use this carrot to get him to behave a bit better in some of his weaker areas…

Nothing is for nothing you know J