May 26

Even more of a genius…

Alright, so I must truly be a pleb.

Emma recently showed me that pressing and holding the central button on my iPod would expose me to some additional menu items.

Not the least of which is the “Start Genius” list item…

This thing is bloody marvelous!

I am now creating 25 song mixes of related music…

Pick Leonard Cohen, get Nick Cave, Bob Dylan (yeah I know that Cohen hated Dylan) or choose Deathstars and get Dope Stars Inc…

This coupled with my cleanup operation run by Tuneup Companion means that my iPod is truly starting to dance for me.

Why do I feel like such a techno pleb when I work all day every day in the tech industry?


  1. Ian

    What happened to the Zune you were so in love with?

    1. barrulus

      I found zero use for an MP3 player in South Africa… I had all my music in the car and was just never playing it, so I sold it 🙂

      I STILL think the Zune had many advances over the iPod though the iPod does have more accessories…

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