May 18

Feel good films…

Tonight I worked late. Again.

I came back to the hotel with a bag of Nando’s chicken and very tired eyes.

After a few texts with Emma, I settled in to eat my chicken while mindlessly watching hotel TV, something to make me not think about the fact that my beautiful soul mate is without me tonight.

Right, something to forget?

I ended up watching a feel good film called “In her shoes” with Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz.
Something to make me forget yes?

Ok, so I love the proverbial “chick flicks” but seriously, this type of movie has me laughing and cryong at the same time.

At the end of it all not only did I miss Emma even more, but I was also reminded of how much we have to treasure what we do have and thus salve my pain at being away from her tonight.

So the old feel good movie did exactly that.

Made me feel good.

Good night y’all