May 28

Poll results – help me here


You guessed it.

Of the 148 visits to my blog since I posted my poll, a grand total of 5 people voted.

Hmmm… maybe I need a more interesting poll topic…

What random bit of info would you like to see? I am gonna be adding a few polls from time to time and I am playing with what type of topics I should be looking at, so give me your ideas through the comments section, no registration or anything required.

Maybe something along the lines of, if you were at a fair and there was a cream pie tossing booth whose face would you aim at?

Britney Spears
Barak Obama
George Lucas
Neil Diamond
Paddington Bear

do it.

do it.

do it.


  1. Debbie

    None but def Julius Malema

    1. barrulus

      ok, Julius is something I can definitely run a poll on.

  2. Aamil

    how about the now famous Vuvzela….

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