May 27

South African trip Part the Second…

Alright, I left off talking about the trip to the new Baron…

Can’t really remember much of the buildup to it, but I do know that I had alot to drink that night… Thanks largely to Chris who made damned sure that I drank my 18 tequila fines… Ok, so I only drank 15, I am not quite the drinker I used to be…
That was all very good fun and it was great catching up with all of the people that came through.

In true Jo’burg style, the night was a complete blast with all of us getting properly wasted.

This is particularly pertinent considering that Emma and I accompanied by Clarks and Christian were going to an afternoon event the following day… Bring on Kat and Mike’s WEDDING YEAH!!!

The beautiful couple dancing

What a beautiful day this was.

Sheesh, where even to begin… The ceremony was nothing short of unbelievable, in part because the noise of the waterfall behind the couple made it almost impossible to hear the ceremony, but mostly because of the blend of religions and cultures that they used to create their own special private ceremony.

I mean really, I am one for traditions, ok maybe more for ceremony, but I loved the rituals that they used to affirm and display the strength of their commitment. Guys, this was a fantastic day and I am glad I was able to be a part of it.

As time was limited Clarks, Chris, Emma and I left the wedding far too early in order to catch up with another group of friends… My favourite Red Roomers…

Arrived at my favourite club in the whole world, the Red Room at some time or other, I have no idea really, and got swept away in seeing all the right people 🙂

Lots of fun was had by all, great to spend an evening with Lizzie, Tamian Dr D and more…

Strangely I did very little dancing that night, except to “Pretty Little Eyes” by the Presets… Thank you Tamian for playing that gem for me… as well as the ones that followed 🙂

Just about all of the regular Roomers were there which was absolutely peachy, especially since I never managed to get back there the following Saturday as planned…

It is Red isn't it?

The night went on for a while, ends of it are completely blurry, but Sunday was spent doing something chilled and relaxed (I think)…

Well I can seriously deduce anyways.

Oh yes, Julia came to stay at Clarks for the night before Emma and I joined her and her two gorgeous little ones for a fun filled drive down to the South Coast..

Sheesh, these things do tend to drag along… now I know why Clarks does this travelogue stuff while actually travelling

*sigh* Part the Third to follow soonish.