May 04

Trains stealing from the working man.

Good morning people.

Or is it?

Having gotten out of bed at 5:15am to catch a train to get me to the other side of the world for a noon meeting, I am yet again reminded how painful it is to travel via train in the UK. Especially during “rush hour”.

Not only do I have the pleasure of sitting for 5 hours on my way to the meeting I have to attend, but I also had to pay a nominal £116 fee for the privilege!

£116 pounds from Swansea to Hatfield? Well, at this time of day the price of a ticket from Swansea to London is £109, up from the £38 I pay when travelling out of so-called peak times.

I believe the National Rail services are having a laugh at these prices.

Rush hour fare increases are to allow for the fact that the trains are full – the whole supply and demand debacle.
I have been sitting on this train for over an hour, have gone through the major site (Cardiff) on this trip collecting people from Swansea all the way to Cardiff who were mostly likely getting off in Cardiff for work. All of this has happened with the seat next to every person in this car remaining empty. so I am paying for what?

A demand to have empty seats?


Over this great a distance I will never catch rush hour in both the center I leave and the center I arrive at, so why penalize me for that for the whole trip?

Lame ass trains.