May 23

Visit to South Africa Part the first

I have been meaning to write about our whirlwind tour of South Africa back in April but just haven’t really made the time…

Now I have and here it goes.

Emma, Griffin and I left snowy sleety Wales at 10:45am on the 31st of March and embarked on a lovely four hour drive eastwards from home towards smoggy London.
We got to the long term car park, caught a bus and we bang into Heathrow with plenty of time to spare.
Take off was fine, the flight was good and Batman sat between Emma and I yakking away the whole time.
When we arrived in Paris we found a place to buy a pink man salmon Sony camera (thanks Griffin for selecting the colour) and went off to get something to eat…

Batman keeps Emma and I safe

Then we went to catch our flight onwards to Johannesburg…

Ok so this is where things went a little south. Not south as in towards South Africa, just south as in we were delayed by over an hour… A very tired Griffin and supremely irritated mum ‘n dad eventually boarded after midnight Parisian time.

Griff and Emm were asleep almost immediately after takeoff. Me?
Not so much.
I managed to NOT fall asleep on an Airbus 180 because there was too much space… *sigh* there’s just no pleasing some people…

We eventually arrived in South Africa a full hour later than we were supposed to and the struggle to get through passport control began.

With my British wife and British son, it made no sense for me to go through the massive queues for ZA passport holders without them, and with a tired Griffin, we were never gonna wait in the long queue, so Foreign Passports Only managed to handle the savage South African with smiles and good graces. In fact, I was well and truly impressed with how nice they were. The lady who checked us through could see the tired little man on my arm and really just wished us well on our journey 🙂

The BRILLIANT Mr Chris Botes collected us from the airport (and lost some brilliance points when he announced he’d called tequila rules and I was already on 18 tequila’s for being late) in a brilliant Mercedes CLS500 (I think).

Watta Boytjie... at least the car had style

He lent us this awesome (like a hotdog) car for our trip and we dropped him off on the way to Clarkie’s place.
After the initial whoohoo’s and hugs and everything we settled into a nice afternoon with some friends while waiting for Paula G to come visit the Griffinator… He was tired grumpy and wanting his dad so sadly Paula missed him, but we did have a hoolie at Casa Clarks that night. I think I finally died at 9pm, some 36 hours after waking up the following morning…

After a nice rest, the following day was spent catching up with folk and gearing up for another little get together at the new Baron (photo’s on FB of course).

Shew, this is getting too long to be a posting, so will follow up on Part the second another time…