Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 29

Windows Live Writer

Ok, so maybe not a big thing to everybody out there, but I have only JUST discovered that Wondows Live Writer allows me to add new posts to my WordPress blog using an on computer application. AMAZING? Hardly, but super functional for me in that I often find the time to write my blog posts …

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Jun 29

Izaata Chicken?


So the last week has seen me working from home so I could get my furkids settled in and happy. Suffice to say, my transition to the UK is now complete. 100% My furkids and my kid are getting along just fine, no-one has had a tail broken or a claw raked across the face …

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Jun 17

Sad state of affairs

A stirling attempt by the keeper - terrible first thing to have to do in your first World Cup match...

South African fans who left the match early should be ashamed of themselves.

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