Jun 03

Can I swim yet?

This glorious weekend that has just passed (two weeks ago) saw an amazing amount of time being sepnt in the sun. So much time in fact that my typically sun toned South Afican skin, you know, the colour of smooth alabaster? Well yes that skin, has been burned and pink and puffy since then.

Saturday was Maggie’s birthday, what a lot of fun that was 🙂 We cavorted in the sun drinking Savannah and cooking boerewors for lunch. Great day, fabulous braai, awesome hangover.

Smokin' the Braai!

Yeah yeah, so Stef and I did get a little sozzled… He is now my hero, he found a stash of Savannah 500ml bottles and we quickly set about polishing them off.

It was a brilliant day spent braaing boerewors and drinking Savannah in the sun.

The sun went down around about 9:30pm, so you can imagine how much of it went over me…

The following day however left me a little pinker than that.

We went to Scott and Vicki’s place for another barbeque (not a braai, there was no boeries) and spent the better part of the day in their swimming pool.

Brings me to the title of today’s little posting.

Griffin was swimming happily with his little arm bands on when I managed to convince him to drop the arm bands and try to swim without them.

It took a fair amount of convincing mind, though he was able to pull it off, it wasn’t a fluid swimming action.

Thats not the point.


So now we just have to keep that up and he will be a little otter in no time at all 🙂

Muchos Gracias to Christian for showing Griff how to bounce in the water to keep his head above the water if he thought he couldn’t swim… Such a simple thing, but gave him so much confidence

Griffin is growing up fast man, in the space of two weeks he has learned to ride a bike and swim without assistance.

What next? Is he gonna be asking to to borrow the keys to my car to take his friends round the pub?

Maybe not immediately but we all know that that is a definite act on the horizon.

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  1. Luke Vlok

    My pool is the perfect non-drowning pool, the water level stops just below my nuts (which is AWESOME when avoiding the raisin effect).

    Well done to the Griff!

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