Jun 14

Llanrhidian Marsh, bikes and more

This weekend was brilliant to say the least.

A brilliant Friday afternoon saw me feeling uber proud to be a South African, then totally destroyed that we drew 1-1 with Mexico in the opening match.

Dancing in the disco bumper to bumper...

That was followed by a fantastic night out at Face/Off, a moving party that is usally housed at Sin City in Swansea, though this Friday it was hosted at “The Club”
A good number of giggles, plenty to drink and some awesome music but it is still no Red Room

The problem that Emma and I face is that our taste in music is so vastly different that we spent half of the night walking from the “Indie” dancefloor to the “Metal” dancefloor in the hopes that we would catch a song we both wanted to listen too… As can be expected the Indie dancefloor played shite all night and we found our salvation on the Metal floor.

This was not at all because they opened the dancefloor with Nightwish’s I wish I had an Angel but becasue they also played much more laid back stuff than only metal, including Marilyn Manson, RHCP and more.

Was an awesome evening and we left purely because Emma wore heels… Still with sore feet and the promise of a tender head, we got home at a respectable 2am.

The following morning I woke up and let Emma sleep in, went and played with Griff till Emma surfaced at 9am, a record sleep-in since I have been here!

Then off for shopping AND AND AND…

We took the Griff to see the motorbike we want to buy for him, just to check if he is physically big enough to ride it.

He is.

Thank Jeebers…

I hate to think what would have happened if he was still too small and we had walked away with me saying “Sorry Griff but you can’t have this awesome thing I just showed you. You can just wait till next year sometime…”

Chaos, panic, disorder. My work here is done… Well, done partially. We are buying the bike, but now need all the bloody apparel. The bike will arrive in the next two weeks or so, with his apparel arriving at a similar time. Then its off to get MESSY!

So where do you ride motor bikes around here? I dunno?
I have been asking around, but there seems to be very little in the way of space you won’t get arrested on…
So Emma and I went down to Llanrhidian Marsh yesterday for a walk and a look around…


It has only taken me 9 months to get down into the estuary to have a look. It is really beautiful there. Long endless plains of green green grass which as you walk along gets broken into little islands of green as you see the narrow little rivers of sticky mud and water.

On more than one occaision wellies were stuck tight in the mud, Griff was COVERED in it, I fell forwards into it (after saving Griff AND Emma!!!). Luckily I stopped myself from landing face first by punching into the mud… Needless to say my hands feel very smooth today 🙂

Sadly though, while this was a great day filled with fun, finding crabs and battling the clawing sucking mud, it is not a good place to ride off road bikes. Something sinister about quick-mud that can suck you under and leave nary a trace…

We did spot someone on a pit bike racing around, but he stayed on the road alongside the marsh. I had a chat with him and he says that the local police won’t bother me as long as my noise levels don’t bother the locals… We will see…

MUCH more about that story when we have the bike in Griffin’s hands.

Sadly Ferrari were not able to close my weekend off with a fantastic one two, but hey, third is not the end of the world, hopefully they are able to close the gap a little in the coming races.

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    i luv reading all your blogs 🙂 thanks for the giggles and keeping me up to date! xxx

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