Jun 16

My babies are coming home finally

After a very long (even though it has gone by quick) 6 months in quarantine, my babies are finally headed home.

Slap, Ted, Molly, Soothica, Jazz and Pashkadia will be touching down in Landimore circa 11:30am tomorrow.

Scenes like this will become commonplace once more…

Dinner? you talking to me?

I cannot wait!

Emma and I have bought them comfy beds that hook onto the radiators so that they have beautiful warm beds to sleep on, jumbo size kitty litter boxes, toys, food, bowls and an inordinate amoutn of stuff (like catnip chocolates) to help them forget their rough treatment over the last 6 months.

It will also be a sad time for me in that the fact that poor little Oscar did not survive the quarantine will finally settle in.

Oh Oscar… *sniff*

Well, the birds and rats and mice in the village have NO idea what is coming, this will be like scenes from a Quentin Tarantino movie as they set about the countryside laying waste to every tiny little animal in their path…

I can see it now… “From Dusk till Dawn – they play with you before they eat you”

Roll on tomorrow!