Jun 17

Sad state of affairs

As a South African living abroad having the World Cup football event held in South Africa makes me extremely proud to be a South African.

Last night I fought against poor connectivity on the train back from London, trying desperately to get a text feed from FIFA to let me know how my home nations football team were faring against Uruguay.

Because of the poor connectivity I only gound out about the first goal against at half time… GRRRRR

And BIG thanks to Clarkie for sending me updates via BB messenger.., they kept me in the loop. Especially about Anne Frank.

Anyways, made it to Swansea and ran straight from the station into “The Grand” (no fellow Jo’burgers, this is not a house of ill repute, it is a reputable establishment) where Emma was waiting for me with a nice cold pint of Brain’s Smooth, wet with condensations… mmmmm

I made it in time to have a sip of beer and settle in to see Khune’s sad tackle on that Uruguaian fellow.. Red card 🙁 Penalty 🙁 Goal 🙁

A stirling attempt by the keeper - terrible first thing to have to do in your first World Cup match...

As a couch based referree, I sadly agree on the foul, the penalty was definitely earned, but a red card I thought was too harsh, it was not a foul that prevented a goal, it was not a foul that was any worse than any of the others, at least he was going for the ball…

As sick as the second goal made me, I was even more sickened by the fact that the camera’s kept on panning to the crowd where *big tongue in cheek moment* loyal South African fans were leaving in their droves 5 minutes before full time. Where is your support? Fuckers. I was not and am still not impressed.

A supporter is someone who supports.

When do you need the most support?

When you are at your lowest.

Not every team makes it to first place, just being in “the finals” is already a great honour and achievement.

Bafana Bafana, I still support you, lets hope and pray that the callous show of “solidarity” from our fans does not rob you of your strength and will to win in your coming match.

Anyways, they ended up missing a full further 10 minutes and another goal 🙁


At least Emma was holding my hand…

So I finished my beer and we came home.


  1. Luke Vlok

    Dude, gutted! We really didn’t play a good game, but I really think we deserved a better result, and no red card. Suarez should have been carded for diving a few times, but hey, maybe I’m biased. The commentators were terrible, they should never put a team down during a game like they did (SABC idiots), and I do wonder how our international visitors are going to understand our non-english official languages?

    Let’s hope there’s a draw tonight and that we rock the next game!!!

  2. barrulus

    Luckily I got international commentators 🙂 they seemed to be extremely sympathetic with ZA 🙂

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