Jul 02

Storm clouds and Rocket boobs…

Yup, you guessed it, I am back on the train again. Always seems to be the best time to get any writing done.

Watching the big grey clouds hovering all over the bone dry English countryside heading home. I know its been raining at home for the past couple of days, today too I am sure, but tomorrow is forecasted SUNNY AND DRY for my birthday party.

Getting myself into the mood now, thinking about playlists, listening to Devildriver, Chimera and Fear Factory to get the juices flowing.

Having conversations about zeppelin shaped boobs – I love Facebook sometimes 🙂


Ok, these are rockets, not zeppelin’s but come one, Tank Girl rocks totally rocks!

And with this classic noombie apparel she will always have a special place in my overactive imagination!

Thanks Neal for the Geri Haliwell zeppelin boob reference.

I have to admit, looking for pictures of Tank Girl’s rocket boobs online was a brilliant task to accompany the playlist I currently have running… Slayer, Pantera, Machine Head, Chimera, Devildriver and more…

Gotta love this shit!