Aug 24

How could she be so heartless?

A woman in Coventry has been caught in one of the most bizarre acts of animal cruelty I have ever seen.

I mean usually there is a problem with the relationship between an animal and the person who does something silly to it, whether it’s commercial or a noisy neighbors pett, there is SOME form of pre-existing relationship…

This woman just seems to hate cats.

And yes, the poor cat spent 15 hours in the bin before his owners found him. They created a facebook page looking to see if anyone could identify the offender and they have had success…

Watch this video on YouTube.

Apparently this woman has now been identified and is being “protected” by community police officers because they are worried that animal lovers might “throw her in the bin”.

Shows the power of the Internet 🙂

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say…


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  1. Barry Gill

    Bin the woman, thats what I say!

  2. Justin Pirie

    One can only guess… Maybe she was tortured by a cat as a child???

  3. Emma Danger Gill


  4. Anita Forsyth

    They had this story on the news here too. Horrible. Poor woman will never understand the wonder of a cat loving you!

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