Aug 20

Totally melting my heart

Emma and Griffin have rushed off to visit with family in South Africa and left me to my own devices while they jet set around the world.

Emma wrote in the message "The only thing I helped him spell was the word 'you'"

This is the single longest time we have been apart since I moved here almost a year ago. Needless to say I am suffering withdrawal symptoms, especially coming so close on the heels of our first wedding anniversary.

The normal trip to London time we spend apart is vastly different, I know on those short trips I will see Emma in a heartbeat or two and so think little of it and focus on me time.

This is different.

VERY different.

Knowing that I will not be seeing her has pushed me into overdrive, wanting to phone her, call her, text her all the time. That’s just silly isn’t it? It’s not liek thse is going to be away from me forever, only 10 days, that’s not insurmountable at all!


While going through the initial withdrawals after having left the two of them at Heathro, I sent an sms to Emma telling her the next one was for Griffin to read. The next one read simply: “Griffin, I love you”

This picture is what I got back.

Damn I love this family, everything we do is so perfectly in tune it amazes me all the time.

I know I do bleat on and on about it, but seriously, if you are ever lucky enough to experience the force of emotions that sweep over me every time I set eyes on my wife and child, you too would be going gaga all the time!

So, on my way back home now so that Maggie, Stef and I can prepare for the Village Braai tomorrow…

Savannah’s? CHECK!

Bring on the weekend WHOOHOO