Aug 13

What a happy anniversary!

This last Sunday saw Emma and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

We went to Clyne Gardens in Swansea for a daytime picnic, found a lovely patch of dappled shade and rolled out the old blanket and basket routine.

A wonderful afternoon filled with nibbling on yummy snacks and cheese and cold meats and olives and chilli and and and all the while reflecting on the past year and where we are today.

A wonderful way for us to celebrate the love we have for each other, and the fact that this love is not slowing down or mellowing with age, it is simply getting stronger as our bonds get deeper and older.

It’s still hard to believe that only one short year ago Emma and I were walking down the aisle with the sounds of a brass band belting the Beatles through the church while all of those near and dear to us looked on with happy smiles and joy!

DSC02246 DSC02294 DSC02300

DSC02329 I picked a great place to go in Swansea because the sun was shining in full force meaning that all the holiday makers and locals would all be out competing for space on the massive expanses of beaches that surround this area. Everyone at the beaches? No-one at the Gardens. Win win for us as far as I am concerned 🙂

A truly remarkable day filled with walks around the gardens, frolicking and silliness and a huge amount of laughter.

I had loads of fun with the camera (Emm is loading the pics into an album on Facebook) and took loads of little video’s, capturing the day in mini snaps…
Emma’s catch-phrase for the day? “You better not be loading that onto YouTube!

Well, seeing as most of them involved me talking about large erect firm tall er… tree’s…

I figured that it would be best to leave them unloaded… for now…

Yes, that is a cop out, I am a married man now and my wife has awesome super powers that can totally stop me in my tracks.

I don’t want my tree to get infirm, or indeed to be chopped down for firewood and shelving…

Especially after such a wonderful time so far and the promise of even more to come!