Sep 23

Abbey Road

Emma, Griffin and I went up to London so that we could attend the Mimecast family fun day.

Knowing my wife like I do we went up a day early so that she could stop being a voyeur at the Abbey Road studios webcam and finally realise one of her dreams, to walk the crossing at Abbey Road.

What a fun day it turned out to be!

We drove up to London on Saturday morning, leaving quite early aiming to get to Alex and Robbie’s place before lunchtime.

Crossing the Severn River bridge has always been a bit traumatic for Emma as she wants to get the best picture of the bridge, but in a moving car, weather and and and, she is never guaranteed a decent shot.

Not this time!

The Severn River bridge

So awesome picture? CHECK!

We arrived on time and then headed into London town where we hooked up with Sam and a little later Eric and then all climbed on a tube and headed for Baker Street. We figured we would walk to Sherlock Holmes’ place, the mythical 221b Baker Street. Out of the Underground, turn left and follow Robbie – he knows his way around.

Or does he?

After 15 minutes of walking we realise we are walking the wrong way down Baker Street and decide to just hop into a bus and go to Abbey Road.

What a blast!

Abbey Road is ALWAYS full of people trying to get pictures of themselves crossing over the intersection in Beatlesesque poses. Queues of folk lined up waiting for their “turn” to walk across and get a shot without another million folk in it.

We then went on to the Thames River festival to wander aimlessly through the stalls thinking about buying stuff. I got a pork belly filled roll. Emma got all sorts of jewellery stuff. I win!

We watched people, played with Griff and generally had a good time.

Fun fun fun DAY!

The following day we worried about how close we could get the car to Mudchute Farm. A farm in the middle of the Isle of Dogs in central London.

This was where the Mimecast family fun day was held.

Jumping castles and slides for the Griffinator and even more importantly face painting… Griff looked like an awesome (like a hotdog) little tiger by the time he was done. He had his face and forearms painted up orange with black and white stripes. Too damned cute!

Emma and I had fun, good food, good company and silly games fo rthe adults to play… Team building or summink.

Anyway, a beautiful day spent wondering around looking at the animals at the farm and eating and talking and generally having a good time.

At 4pm we hopped into the car and tried to leave London.

Tried 🙁

It took an hour and forty minutes to get onto the M4, it should have taken 20 minutes. Murderous traffic on a Sunday afternoon, road works, crowds and generally just a bad route to have to take. A mere six hours later we were safe at home in bed.

Great weekend people!