Sep 01

Giant vegetables at the show!

Yes dear readers, it is true.

This weekend I went to my first ever village show that had village produce at the centre stage!

Yup you guessed it... the crowd is at the bar

Vegetables, fruits, cakes, breads and a bar. A weird and entertaining combo!

I had never anticipated that I would one day be living the high flyer type of lifestyle that would have me not only attending little village do’s like this, but knowing many of the contestants and engaging in thoroughly entertaining discussions about possible submissions next year.

Yes that’s right, Emma and I are going to work at realizing our dreams and grow up a batch of chilli’s to submit to next years competition.

I mean let’s face it, we’re not in Kansas any more Toto…

With a little luck I would win not only the best chilli award, but we may even be able to win in the GIANT vegetable category AND the most unusually shaped vegetables category.

For sure. With a little bit of mild intervention and some careful time spend grooming my hot stuff I should be able to walk away with three titles next year!
Add to that my darling wife’s ability to concoct some of the most unbelievably tasty chilli salsa’s and sauces and we will be walking away with prizes aplenty!

While I may laugh about this, it was a truly brilliant day with people coming from miles around to take part in not only providing the various items on display, but also to purchase them at the end of the day in a loud and ludicrous auction where all proceeds went to charity.

This vegetable show is hard work!

Wendy picked up a game pie that fed four adults and 3 children for £17.50!
3 blue berries (3 individual blueberries NOT punnets) were sold for £2.50!
A loaf of bread sold for £7.00!

We had friends who were winners in the giant vegetable category this year and man o man did I laugh when Emma came up to me and said “Have you seen the size of the giant cucumber? My eyes watered when I saw it!” Ok watered in fear or lust was all I wanted to know…

Truly not for the faint hearted this village life…

At least Stephano and I were able to drink a good quality beer or two.
Well, we had a pint at the village hall then decided to leave the kids with our wives and run for shelter to the Britannia Inn across the road and hide  away from the crowds of people milling around the piles of misshapen vegetables and giant parsnips and onions.
I use the term “hide” very loosely considering that we a) told everyone where we were going and b) had nowhere else  to go 🙂

All said and done, yet another glorious day on the Gower.


  1. Anita Forsyth

    To think not so long ago the only reason you knew what a privit is, was because it had been drummed into you by a brother who wanted to make sure you never planted one in your ignorance! Now you’re talking competitive growing – aaahhh, life has its beautiful surprises!

    1. Barrulus

      You are so right there 🙂
      Hence my comment – We’re not in Kansas any more Toto… Life surely has changed significantly

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