Sep 01

I Shall Wear Midnight


All those moths ago when I pre-ordered Terry Pratchett’s latest novel I got all excited about it, not having much to read back then.

In July I received a copy of Unseen Academicals from Emma for my birthday bringing me up to speed with the writings of my favourite author. I was quite bummed because Sir Terry has Alzheimer’s and I was pretty convinced he wouldn’t be writing any more stories anytime soon. Sad to note that because I do not know Sir Terry I have an abstract sense of loss at losing his work and not the man.

Anyway, I started reading quite a bit about his efforts to stave off Alzheimer’s and picked up pretty quickly that he felt that his writing should continue and as such he announced a new book: I shall wear midnight

I got excited about it then, or should I say BACK then and the post purchase high I got from placing the pre-order was quickly replaced by the dull realisation that I would be waiting forever for this book. yay? where is my excitement?

Amazon has FINALLY told me that it is dispatching and I will have it in my claws tomorrow!

WHOOOHOOOO – totlly excited all over again! This pre-order is an awesome idea as I get to experience the thrill of acquiring something I really want TWICE!

Anyway this is excellent as I am almost done with the original uncut (not censored just trimmed the word count) verion of Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” and with the travel I have lined up for the next month, I will finish the current sci fi line up (including Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation Series“) by the middle of the month and then have nothing left to read…

Ok, I have recently finished 6 great sci-fi works and am on my 7th with another 3 after that, that tells me that “I shall wear midnight” has come at the perfect time. A fantastical satire betwixt my sci-fi masterpieces is just what the doctor ordered.

Bring it on amazon!!!