Sep 10

Lamb on the spit

yummo yummo yummo

Last weekend saw a grand beginning (which turned it into an early end for me) in that we had the first ever Annual Autumn Lamb on the Spit.

Ok so we think it will be an annual event, but who knows… certainly my liver hopes that we get nowhere near that close together but hey, what’s life without a little living…?

A rather haphazard evening that was planned by yours truly 🙂

What’s that you say? Barry? Plan?

Yeah, so the plans went like this.

Two weeks ago we had a village shindig at Liz and Dave’s place. It was fun but made me wonder why – when living in the land of little lambs – we weren’t catering for all the people with a lamb on the spit. So I asked Colin (a farmer of the most unbelievably delicious salt marsh lamb) if he could arrange a little one for me in about two weeks. He said “sure” and that was that.

Emma was in South Africa, I spent most of my time in London and suddenly the two weeks were up and Colin was asking if I wanted the lamb on Friday or Saturday…

SATURDAY I almost screamed realising that it was Monday and nothing at all had been arranged…

Thankfully Monday was a bank holiday (for what I have no idea) and we spent it with Stephano and Wendy and invited them to our lamb on the spit event but they had to decline, unmoveable prior arrangement on Saturday… dammit.

Alright, so we decided to have it on Friday instead. Stephano said he would come round and help get the lamb turning while I was in my office working a normal day in… Sounded great to me!

Then, and only then, did all the actual planning occur.

Things like – “who are we gonna invite?”, “what are we going to prepare with the lamb?” and “WHERE THE HELL DO I GET A SPIT BRAAI FROM?” all got thrown around more than just a little.

Well, it turns out that (are we really surprised?) that just about anybody can make a plan to get themselves to a lamb on the spit at very short notice. 30 odd people invited – CHECK!

yup - we've been eating that

Also, we live in and among some of the most awesome people and offers for booze and side salads came in with every call. Salads etc? CHECK!

One short little phone call to Grayson and we even had ourselves a spit braai!

Ok, not just ANY spit braai, this thing is like the master chef of spit braai’s… Tasty Trotter!

Working hard while the Tasty Trotter works harder...

This chic little number is more than justa  spit roast, it is an oven, gas fire and a marvel of modern technology.

A lamb to feed 35 odd people took around 3 hours to cook.

Not just cook mind, cook to tasty perfection…

I highly recommend one of these for anyone who wants to be able to eat the delicious yumminess that is lamb spit roast (or hog roast for that matter)

Well, a night of feasting, drinking (many MANY litres of cider) and good friends… all arranged at the very last second…

The early end to my weekend came when I started dancing the hoocherella two step at 3am and didn’t stop till somewhere after 5:30am… fool that I am, Saturday was a waste, spent entirely feeling sorry for myself, gathering any sympathy or compassion I could get from those around me…

All in all a winner!