Dec 20

Look daddy it’s Linux!

Talk about a proud dad!

Griffin has been using an old laptop that we had around the house and truly didn’t care what he did to it. He has his own laptop bag and has been dragging the thing around the house, up and down stairs, for the past 6 months.

The abuse finally got the better of this poor machine and his 40GB hard drive died completely. Grinding halt.

Damn, what am I supposed to do now? Buy him a new hard drive? So he can break that one too? Nah, I thought a change in tactic would probably be in order…

Enter Qimo

I decided to install a Linux distro that has been packaged with children in Griffin’s age group in mind.
On a broken hard drive? Nah, on an old 4GB USB key I had lying around.

Installed first time, has an easy to use interface with loads of sound effects and  big icons linking him to the games that are available for him.

Cool games too!

Mazes, adding, spelling, reading etc.

All of these games start out easy and get progressively harder as he is talked through the challenges one at a time.

Needless to say he loves it.

He can still browse the web wirelessly and access the free flash games he loves. He can access his gmail account so no email lost anywhere. He can even boot up HIS computer on mine or Nanny’s or Mom’s machines!

And as a disciplinarian, I can revoke his rights to use the computer when he is being naughty by simply removing the USB key, I don’t have to grab the whole laptiop and its assorted paraphenalia and hide all of that.

Yeah yeah, mean dad I know, but hey, as a parent you have to leverage what you can to teach your children discipline and a day or two without computer privileges beats beating him 🙂

Now as soon as he can type properly (yes he is learning) I can get him coding stuff…

I love my life!