Feb 07

One day I will have all the time I want…

But not today 🙂

That’s not a stress for me.

I hear people saying all the time that they need more hours in the day, or that the week should contain more days. This is a very simple repercussion of working in modern society, where society demands that you allocate the better part of your life to the pursuit of a common goal.

Since I fell in love, got married and became a father, I have been given the opportunity to reassess my life’s activities and my stress levels have gone down accordingly.


Very simple…

I no longer want to kill myself working all hours, so I make sure that I do as much as I can during working hours and dedicate my time to my family outside of my allotted working hours.

Seems trivial for sure, but it does also require much more than simply shutting down shop at 6pm on the nose (or 5pm or whatever your official stop time is). It requires a tacit understanding from your colleagues that you will be unavailable after a specified time and that if anyone is responsible for late delivery on something it is not your responsibility to bail them out by sacrificing your life and time. Granted, there will always be exceptions and no rule is hard and fast, but once you have decided to truly separate your work and home life, the ability to recognise a true emergency situation and respond accordingly will be greatly enhanced.

I know that I used to feel that if I worked less, my contribution to the team and to the company would decline and my value would be undermined. Having now gone through this I can see how much clearer my mind is and how much more value can be derived from the effort that I invest.

Go on, take the plunge! Reclaim your life!



  1. Kat

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. It took me some time to do the same and the quality of my work hadn’t changed a bit. In fact, I’d say that it is better than ever!

  2. Christie

    That’s amazing, I am going to make a concerted effort in future to do the same- have never been able to switch off and even at home when not working am constantly thinking about problems I have to solve at work. I see others around me who enjoy their weekends to the max and feel I’m missing out with no reward.

    Very inspiring 🙂

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