Feb 18

Running on empty… Time to save the planet?

We are in the middle of a crisis here in our little slice of paradise.

We have just run out of heating oil.

WHAT? IN FEBRUARY??? I hear you scream (well, those of you living in the northern hemisphere anyways)…

Yup, turns out that turning the combi boiler up three notches to make your water scalding hot has a significant impact on the rate of oil consumption. We have just used 5 months worth of heating oil in just over 2…

Damn but that is an expensive lesson to learn.

So after calling the oil folk and ordering an emergency 1,000 liters, I had a little gander on the web about oil reliance reduction and came across this marvelous post.

It is a blog post by a guy who has recently moved to Japan and moved into a home with no central heating at all! Seems amazing considering how cold it gets there. Read the post, it is really interesting and is more about the fact that we as humans can overcome more hardship than we think and actually find it rewarding than it is about the fact that you don’t need central heating.

I do think that the ideas talked about in this post are VERY relevant to my friends in South Africa who do not need central heating and usually rely on electric heater or portable gas heaters to warm their winters.

Obviously everything applies more to some than others, but saving the planet one step at a time is a venture we should all be invested in…

I for one would love to stop spending so much money on oil and electricity, though I do find it massively annoying that the costs involved in installing energy generators of your own, or any form of carbon footprint reduction systems is so expensive that the average person (me) will probably never do it.

Maybe it is time for me to properly investigate what can be done, surely it can’t be all that difficult to become a cleaner greener home. I mean we recycle everything, we compost what we can, we don’t (or at least I don’t) leave lights on around the house all the time…

We are already half way there man, why does it have to cost so much to become independent of the power companies?


  1. Mrs Gill

    I LOVE this idea 🙂

  2. Barrulus

    I do too… I think it may perhaps lend itself to a smaller more central house design than ours, but the idea is still a great one.
    AND a big money saver with great carbon emissions improvement benefits

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