Mar 08

The Gates from Hell

Ok just to be clear this is NOT a rant about Bill Gates from my Linux techies perspective. Especially considering how deeply ingrained Microsoft technologies are in my life these days… I mean come on, I got excited about installing Linux on an old laptop just to have SOME of it in my environment, everything else is Microsoft.

So, as I said, this is not a rant about old Bill, it is a rant about the beautiful gates we had installed at our home on the Gower.


As you will know from previous rants, we got two gorgeous little puppies in December last year. These were Emma’s early birthday present but the planning went well before that.

It started in October when we decided to get a dog for Griffin’s birthday on the 26th of November. Living in a farming community, it is important that our dog does not roam, so we felt it was necessary to finally put the gates we had been putting off for a year in. We did some asking around and got the details of some guys from Scurlage, another village on the Gower. They came round, measured up and said they would give us a quote, telling us it would take about 6 weeks in total to order the gates in and then fit them.

We thought “That’s PERFECT! They will be in before Griffin’s birthday!”

So we started digging around for puppies.

Three weeks later we still had no quote. That should have been the tip off.

When we did finally get them to call us back, the quote was acceptable and we asked them to commence work ASAP so we could get things as close to Griff’s birthday as possible.

We asked about delivery/install dates and found that because it was now full blown winter, there would be delays. So we held off telling Griff he was getting a dog and waited until a closer time to the install day to get the new addition.


Come mid December, Emma was chomping at the bit to get the new puppy as she had now been scouring the web for over a month looking at all the cute little furballs that were on offer all over the UK. That was until she found a litter of Bull Chugs (that’s MY new name for them). Their mother was a Pug cross Bull Terrier and their father was a Chihuahua, an interesting breeding attempt by a breeder in Swansea. After a brief talk with me, lots of batting of eyelashes and whimpering noises, Emma set off to go check them out.

A few days later (December 23rd 2010) Daphne and Velma came home.

Gorgeously cute little puppies for sure.

No gates was not a major problem then as it was snowing and we weren’t about to throw these two little angels into the cold cruel world every day.

By then I was fuming about the no-show on the gates and called the guys up to lay it on them real thick about the bullshit delivery times they gave us only to have my thundercloud swept aside when I was told “I am sorry I have been out of touch, my father passed away”. Ouch. Ok, I am not entirely heartless, so I thought lets let him get his ducks in a row.

That was followed by the end of year break, loads more ice ad snow and the first gates installed Picture to the right) successfully in the second week of January.

I really like them, they suit the house, they a well built and fitted perfectly!

Problems only emerged when he tried to fit the second set to the front entrance to the house. They had been made 6 inches too short. Custom made gates, we couldn’t modify them, so he had to order out for a new piece.

“Don’t worry, the snow has gone, it will only take 10 working days and then we’ll install it.”

Famous last words.

After much gnashing of teeth, calling of names, us trying to phone them, the damned thing finally arrived last Thursday and was fitted Friday.

It looks amazing, well worth the wait though in truth there should never have been a await like this. Now at least the puppies can spend time outside without us worrying about them not learning the boundaries of their domain.

Ok, lets look at the timelines.

Ordered: Oct 2010
First set installed: Jan 2011
Second set installed: Mar 2011.


STOP! Gower time!!!

Even worse than any “African Time” experiences i have ever had…

end rant 🙂


  1. Mrs Gill

    Bull Chugs – i love it!

    1. Barrulus

      I know – FLASH OF GENIUS!!!

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