Mar 16

Time management

One of my colleagues at Mimecast mentioned today that he thought another colleague was able to be such an impressive thought leader because of the fact that he manages his time very well.

At fist glance that sounds like a very loose connection to me.

However, now that I have thought about it for a little, the brief explanation I was given has become a much more solid thought process within my head space and I thought it worth exploring.

The basic premise is: –

If you manage your time well, you will have more free time to ponder things

A simple enough concept, but would it hold up in my own work life?

I mean I know myself rather well, I am always busy doing something, not always what I should be doing, but always busy with work.

If I managed my own time better would I have more free time? Right now it feels like all I would have is a more structured work day and I would get more done, but that there is always more to do so if I managed myself better I would improve productivity but not actually get myself into this utopian state of “free thought time”.

So how do I get there?

I work hard during the day and at night I don’t want to be working more, I want to be spending as much time as I can with my family. These are not unusual desires.

Now I happen to know that the man who inspired this whole thought process in the first place is a family man first and foremost. He leaves his work at the door when he goes home and thinks only about his family from then on.

So it must be do-able within normal working hours.

I have therefore set myself a challenge.

I am going to be setting up a new time management structure for myself over the next two weeks (it will take me that long to clear off what I have now) and will begin creating free time.

I mean come on, I have quit smoking and no longer spend an hour a day standing outside talking shit and polluting my lungs, its GOT to be possible!

Do you think I can do it?