Mar 22

You know you’re a dad when… Issue 318: Battles

This morning was like any other Tuesday morning, up at crack of sparrows fart all on my own while the rest of the house slept.

I took the dogs out for their morning consitution at 5:40 AM, gazed out over the early morning mist covering the marsh while I gathered my thoughts and urged the puppies to get on with their business.

A serene and tranquil morning to be sure.

I then went back inside, took the dogs into the bed and “accidentally” woke Emma while the pups frolicked on the bed and did their usual puppy licking, grovelling and wagging.We then all laid in bed for 10 minutes just enoying each others company. This is, after all, the good life.

I then had my morning shower and  when I came back to the bedroom Griffin was in my bed petting the pups. Not a problem on most Tuesday’s because I get up earlier than usual to catch my train to London, this morning I didn’t think anything of it.

A problem did surface a few minutes later when a sleepy child went downstairs to speak to Nanny, got to the bottom of the stairs and started screaming for Mum (who was sound asleep and whom he had JUST left).

The dad in me has been trying (like parents since time immemorial) to teach Griffin NOT to shout across the house, especially when he knows where the person he is trying to contact is. Alas, the fool in me also thinks that 6:20AM is a suitable time to discipline a child that is forgetting a rule they ALWAYS forget anyway.

SO sending him back to his own bed in clear “this is punishment” tones resulted in a slammed door and a huffy child.

Can anyone say RED FLAG?

Sigh, I really do need to learn not only WHICH battles to fight, but also WHEN to fight them!

Three seconds after realizing that I had been perhaps a little over zealous in my early morning righteousness.


It is very hard trying to balance the rules and regulations that a father is supposed to enforce with the pace of learning that a six year old has.

Now I have to live with the fact that I have banned him from watching TV for being in a bad mood when he got told off about nothing before he was even awake.

Small consolation for myself is the fact that I recongnise this failure on my part, let’s hope that I can avoid this pitiful battle in future…