Monthly Archive: April 2011

Apr 13

South Africa here I come

Finally that time of year has come where Emma, Griffin and I don our travellers socks and head off for the warm South African climes… Too bad it’s wet and cold there right now. Oh well, the warmth of the reception we will get will surely more than make up for that. A week in …

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Apr 11

Batman teaches Griffin to read


Anyone who has ever met Griffin will know that he is a Batman fan. He LOVES Batman, he loves his gadgets, he loves his cape, he loves his rocket car. Seriously – there is nothing that Batman cannot do. When questioned about Superman he simply says “he’s not as good as Batman. Or Spiderman.” It’s …

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Apr 06

Alright stop! Gower time

Living in the country has many benefits, clean air, load a space to walk, great scenery and no noise (unless you consider bleating sheep and lowing cattle and the incessant tweeting of birds noise…). It does however also have its downfalls. Emma and I decided about three months ago that it was finally time for …

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