Apr 06

Alright stop! Gower time

Living in the country has many benefits, clean air, load a space to walk, great scenery and no noise (unless you consider bleating sheep and lowing cattle and the incessant tweeting of birds noise…).

It does however also have its downfalls.

Emma and I decided about three months ago that it was finally time for us to start rebuilding our home, doing the things that we wanted to spruce it up a little.

The bathrooms need ripping and replacing, the carpets need to be replaced, wooden flooring needs to be put in, a new front porch and some decking on the lawn… Did I say “spruce”?

Anyway, we have found out that it is not as easy as it looks.

If you want something done around here, the best way is to do it yourself.

We have had seven different people in to quote us on bits of work and thus far we have had a grand total of three give us full quotes on everything we asked.

And this in the middle of a recession?

We originally thought that we would have work complete BEFORE we left for South Africa – boy were we ever wrong.

As it stands the drive and desire to get all of this stuff done seems to be rapidly dwindling into Gower time… we’ll hurry up and do nothing…