Apr 11

Batman teaches Griffin to read

Anyone who has ever met Griffin will know that he is a Batman fan. He LOVES Batman, he loves his gadgets, he loves his cape, he loves his rocket car. Seriously – there is nothing that Batman cannot do.


When questioned about Superman he simply says “he’s not as good as Batman. Or Spiderman.”

It’s not easy to argue with a six year old. His logic wiring isn’t yet complete, though some of it works far better tan mine sometimes.

All that aside, Griffin is at a stage in his life where he is having to read school books, much like the Kathy and Mark books I read in first grade. While he is able to read these and they fall within the curriculum and he is doing really well, there is something about them that bothers me.

If it is raining outside he won’t bother to pick them up and read them. They hold no interest for him at all.

So with a very long flight ahead of us, I was online looking for things that a six year old can do on a plane, got bored myself and decided to shop around for a new graphic novel to read and found a treasure trove of junior “I can read” superhero graphic novels!

These graphic novels have great reviews, all of which seem to hit on exactly the thing I was aiming for, a “I want to read it” factor. A desire to pick up a book in his spare time and try to figure it out for himself.

I am pretty sure that he will have no trouble reading these books, lets hope that he enjoys them as much as I want him to!

image image image

Batman and Spiderman are jetting on their way to my house as we speak, addressed to Griffin because lets face it, he gets pretty upset that the postman NEVER brings him anything…

But being a dad who loves his son, and loves buying stuff, I thought about the cool books I read as a kid and it hit me…. The Smurfs.

image image image

While they may not have as much street cred as Marvel or DC comics do, they are great for a little man’s imagination and are not really directed at older audiences. The plots are simple but the vocab will challenge his tiny repertoire. I can only hope that the pictures will keep him coming back for me.

SO all things done and dusted, lets see how well he responds to this new challenge because while I will help him to read (of course) the objective is really for him to motivate and empower himself and there is plenty of time in our coming flight plans for him to pour over a bunch of new books that are both challenging and exciting.

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