Apr 13

South Africa here I come

Finally that time of year has come where Emma, Griffin and I don our travellers socks and head off for the warm South African climes…

Too bad it’s wet and cold there right now.

Oh well, the warmth of the reception we will get will surely more than make up for that.

A week in the Kruger Park with my brother, my mom and friends and family promises to start things off really well with some good quality relaxation before getting stuck into the hearty business of seeing and drinking and playing with all those people and places I miss so much.

I gather that there will be a lot of catching up to do as it seems so much has happened since I was there last April.

You cannot live somewhere else without the changes that happen in the place you were appearing to be gargantuan I suppose, much like watching a child grow up as a distant relative. One day he or she is still pooing in nappies and the next they are begging you to buy them booze at the local pub. How fast they grow…

Speaking of growing fast, Griffin is growing at a rate of knots, it scare me sometimes. I go to London for a week and I come back and he is a young adult. Luckily for me he regresses all the way back to six years old almost every time 🙂

Either way, I am amped, thrilled and FUCKING excited to be seeing all the people I have left behind but not forgotten.