Nov 15

Movember movember the 5th of November

Prison Mo

Man o’ man have I been busy.

Seems like I always find the time to say that and no-where near the time to update my blog on all of the wonderful things that are happening in my life.

I mean right now I am a candidate for prison with the wonderful moustache I am cultivating… (the striped jimjams and bars on the bed don’t help either…)

Anyway, this is now my third year of participating in Movember and I finally get why people don’t give me enough money to save the world ailments, I am usually pretty hairy. So no real challenge for me to move from a beard or a goatee to a moustache?


It takes me far more than the four week alloted Movember time frame to grow a moustache that is visible to the naked eye, so every year having to shave off my hard earned hairyness is a complete and absolute NIGHTMARE for me. Especially at a time when a great big hairy face would serve me so well to keep me warm while staring into the November night sky to watch the impressive fireworks displays that come with the commemoration of burning an agitant…

It is a return to the inevitable scratchy, irritating, hardly visible teenage sprouting that I have been do happy to forget about. It is a return EVERY YEAR to that state of beginning again.

Last year I even filmed the removal of my happy man face with Griffin man handling the shears and me losing the battle for beaded or tied handle bars. *sigh*

So come on people – please help a good cause, and help me beat my best ever donation for Movember by donating even just a tiny amount – EVERY little bit counts (especially with a blonde tache).

In doing this you will help to justify my annual pain of regrowth and shame of weirdo tache styles.

Counting on YOU!