Feb 22

Day 6 – the work continues

Interestingly, when I woke up this morning I got straight out of bed and went and did my morning routine of 3 x 10 sit ups, press ups, crunchies and tricep dips.

I mean, I woke up before my alarm.

I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and got straight to work!

It’s not a big exercise routine and I have only been doing it for 6 days. Strangely it seems my body is responding well to the routine 🙂

I am still stiff from my very first routine, but hey, that is just part of the deal…

Today was yoghurt, grapes, raspberries and mango for breakfast with a slice of toast and bovril… standard fare.

Lunch was a moving feast of sashimi and radish (only one helping) on the train and a small helping of fresh pasta, avo and pine nuts for dinner.

So the food intake, both volume and quality is still under control and I am not as starving 24 x 7 as I was a week ago, so that seems to be going well.

I am also still having no issue with not smoking, not even a twinge about it, seems that when I get my shit in order it gets IN ORDER!

Neo and Andrew have referred me to read “The Four Hour Body” and “Convict Conditioning” and I am working my way through them both. Interesting reading and sure is helping me keep my mind fired up about my challenge to myself.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s check in…


  1. Julz

    So, essentially we are on the same time frame.
    I quit smoking a week ago. had a small downfall on sat night after a few glasses of wine (dammit) and had 2 ciggies, nothing since and nothing before. So i forgive myself that.

    I started at a new fighting gym, boxing only, there are no MMA gyms close to where I live now, which makes me sad, but this gym already has two fights lined up for me should I want them. This month. Which I don’t – I need reconditioning. Will try again in 2 months time.

    My book recommendation and workout recommendation… body for life. I did it before I went to Mexico a few years ago, it works like a bloody charm. Once off of it I never picked up more than 5kg – still have not really. Its fantastic and quick workouts. Lemme know about the 4 hour body, a mate from the UK was reading it when he was out here last, but I have not seen him since then.


    1. Barrulus

      I will let you know how both books go.
      As it stands, the convict conditioning book has grabbed my imagination much more and I am working to follow his path, but still going through the 4 Hour Body because it is more than just fitness and strength.

      I will let you know how they go

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