Feb 24

Day 7 – One week in and feeling great

Adding this a little late because our sleepy little village felt just like Johannesburg last night… we had a complete power outage for an hour or so 🙂

Yesterday started out far better than it ended though with me going to check the scales and see how one week of healthy living and exercise has been working for me.

I was more than a little pleased with myself when I discovered that I had dropped from 93.7 kilograms to 89.9 kilograms!

In one week?

That surely couldn’t be right?

Turns out it is and that my body has responded very well to what I am doing to it.

What is does mean though, is that the last kilo’s are not going to be as easy to shed, or at least that’s what I think it means.

I then woke Griffin up – he is my spotter, my training partner at home – and started the morning routine of press ups, sit ups etc. Griffin is a complete drama queen when doing his exercises, he definitely takes after me. he moans and cries out about how he can’t do another sit up and I have to shout to egg him on and high fives all round. He pretty much checks his body for signs of improvement after EVERY set of anything that he does and muscle testing is a regular routine… Let’s hope he isn’t obsessive compulsive…

After being elated about my efforts paying off, I switched on my laptop to start my work day only to find that the bloody SSD drive is no longer seen by the BIOS. This is not like the drive has failed and the BIOS can’t access it, it is like the BIOS does not think there is ANYTHING there, not even a failed drive.

VERY mood killing that experience is I have to say.

I am only scheduled to travel up to London next week on Tuesday so until then I have to work on Maggie’s little teeny weeny Macbook Air and use a VPN connection to a virtual machine at the office. Hoorah 😐

Lunch yesterday was leftover pasta – small bowl – from the night before and I had two oranges as inbetweener snacks. Two cups of coffee and 2 glasses of vitamin C effervescent stuff.

When Emma got home, she didn’t feel like the fish and chips I was proposing, so we went to the Greyhound where I had a ham ploughman’s platter and Emma had a gorgeous steak and ale pie… Griffin ate fish fingers as usual.

Emm and I decided we were going to burn some calories playing Just Dance 2 so I also scoffed a small handful of Emma’s chips dipped into her pie gravy… YUMMO… Unfortunately our plans were foiled by getting Griff to bed, having a 30 minute unwind and general chit chat on the couch. Well, foiled because at 8:30pm, just moments before we started playing, the power went out and we ended up going to bed at around 9pm rather than sitting in darkness.

So today I added an extra set of press ups to make up for the added junk food yesterday and will run for 30 minutes during my lunch break. I think that should about cover a few chips.

Bring on the weekend, this is where it gets tough…


  1. Jula

    **tap tap tap** is this thing on??

    1. Barrulus

      hehe – yes it is…
      Sadly – the loss of my laptop has caused a MASSIVE interruption to my blogging capability though I will complete the post I have in draft today that covers days 8 to 12 (today)

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