Feb 21

Day Five – missing meals

It’s no secret that today started out with a pounding headache and a bodyweight lounge floor gym session.

I then had my standard breakfast minus the yoghurt and went off to work to lament my stupidity from the night before.

At the office, I had a bit of a slump caused by the after effects of booze and that left me not wanting to eat another salad and fruit just not appealing. So I ended up not eating lunch at all. Not only is this bad for me but it left me in a predicament for my planned run in the evening. I had to eat before running so the run was cut off for tomorrow rather as running on a full stomach just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

So after a long day I went with a friend to the Royal Thai where I had a very tasty tomyum fish cake and some chicken stir fry sans noodles or rice.

Tasty meal, not a bad one in terms of caloric content so all in all a happy bunny finally.

Back to the flat to carry on working and talking shit with Jules. No booze, no cigarettes, all is well.