Feb 21

Day Four – Back in London and boozing it up

I started yesterday morning out like any other morning NOT!

My alarm went off at 5:45 am and I got straight out of bed, went to the bathroom and had a good drink of water and climbed straight onto the treadmill.

Yes, that’s right, I ran (jogged really) for 30 minutes before I was even awake!

I must be taking this all seriously.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, yoghurt, fruit and a slice of toast.

Went into the station and sat in the train for 3 hours to get to London. This trip almost always has me eating a bacon baguette with brown sauce (yummo) but not this time. I had fruit in my bag in case I got hungry and a bottle of water!

When I got in to London I had a lunch meeting at which I had a glass of lime and soda and a grilled chicken breast salad. One chicken breast and a small pile of green stuff. It was just right.

For dinner, Jules cooked us a ham and cheese omelette and I made a bit more salad.

If my day had stopped there I would have been ok.

Sadly, the vodka came out and my resolve on the no drinking fizzled a little. Well by a litre of vodka and a couple of brandy’s anyway.

I have punished myself for my lapse by increasing the number of reps I did in my push ups, sit ups and tricep dips. I clocked 50 of each this morning. Not so much fun with a moggy head. But hey, I broke the rules, I have got to pay right?

Fortunately, even though I got thoroughly pissed last night, I did not smoke. If I had had any nearby my resolve might have crumbled (like my midnight slice of toast 🙁 ), but I didn’t – so all good on that front.

What last night has done for me is highlight just how central booze is to my inability to control my life, I will not be drinking again until April 1st. That is my punishment to me for drinking. Any booze I have extends my forced drought by another month.



  1. Julz

    Extended by a full month? you are a cruel man. If I was your body I would give you a hangover despite the lack of booze just to show you who is boss. For shame 😉

    And hey – we all slip. Don’t beat yourself up too much, you did good the next day, most people (cough cough.. me) would have a steers burger, nurse my head and promise that once the pain had gone I would be back on track. So be nice to yourself!

    1. Barrulus

      I agree, but the extension was made at a time where I was very disappointed in myself. So the punishment seemed appropriate.
      All of this is every bit as much about doing what I say as it is about me becoming a healthier, fitter person, so sticking to my word is vitally important.

      If I “do what I say” then the war will be won. Not doing what I say is what has gotten me here in the first place 🙂

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