Feb 17

Day One is under the belt…

Well, day one has been and mostly gone.

I started today off at the flat in London, nothing to eat in the flat but bread so I figured I would wait till I got to the station and I would buy something.

I did exactly that.

I bought myself a tray of sliced fruit, 140 calories… and another little pot of fruit to snack on later (100 calories)

And a bottle of water.

No cigarettes.

When I got home, lunch was a super salad, circa 200 calories and dinner was a prawn stirfry with noodles and low fat everything. I have no idea how many calories are in that but I ate a portion that covered only a quarter of my plate. At Least a quarter of what I would normally pile on.

Did a little but of running around at rugby practice but have not really been able to do much on the fitness front other than that.

I am also please (VERY pleased) to announce that my earlier estimate of 97 kg’s weight was out and I actually weigh 93.6 kg’s! This means I only have to lose 10 kilograms in 10 weeks as I don’t want to go below the 82/83 kg mark.

So it is all going according to my lack of plans plan, aside from being starved and wanting to eat every chocolate and breadroll in the house, I am coping well.

Roll on tomorrow!